3 Pc Live Lichen Combo British Solder Pixie Cup Pityrea for Terrariums Fairy Gardens

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You will get 3 nice pieces total.  1 each of British Soldier Lichen (cladonia cristatella),  Pityrea Lichen (cladonia pityrea), and Pixie Cup Lichen (cladonia pyxidata).  Each piece will be approx. 1 - 1.5" diameter. 

All three of these in a terrarium at the same time is a very rare occasion.  They look stunning even when mixed in with cushion or rockcap moss.  This allows for some variety and color in your terrariums.

All our moss and lichen are harvested from our own private tract of land, and are 100% organic with no pesticides or chemicals used, ever.


These do not require any special planting. Simply place on top of your soil and mist with a spring water (or non-chlorinated) every few days. These do best when kept out of direct sunlight, especially during the hotter hours of the day.  Clean air is essential for these to live. They will not thrive in a smoky or contaminated environment.  Also note that these grow at a very slow rate, most only 1/4-1/2" per year, if that. 



Keep moss damp. Moisten every 3-5 days if inside.  Avoid full direct sun for more than 6 hours. Cooler morning sun provides the best results, with shade in the heat of the day.

Tip: Rain water can be caught in a vessel and put into a NEW CLEAN spray bottle for natural watering.


Succulent Care

Succulents do best in well-drained soil. The addition of grit or sharp sand will improve porosity & drainage.  After planting, water once a week. New plants should be well established in 5-6 weeks.

Visit the Cactus Succulent Society for very detailed care information. A great resource!


Mini-Terrarium Instructions

Place a small clump of moss in container first, then place the smaller lichen as preferred to fill in or add detail. Tweezers or a skewer can be helpful in placing and arranging. Water well then add a few drops of spring water (or non-chlorinated) every few days.


Seedling Care

Depending on the time of year, your seedlings may or may not have leaves. Care of the roots is most important at this time, keep them moist until time for planting.